State lawmakers will fund 72% of the cost of building a new Toledo High School - $18 million dollars. To get this money, we must raise $7 million through the passage of a bond. A total of $25 million dollars will be available to construct a new Toledo High School if the $7 million bond passes before June 2019.


Washington State to Fund 72% of a New High School in Toledo

Cost of the bond is estimated at $0.99 0.76/1000 of assessed valuation. As property values increase, the rate charged to tax payers will go down. This is a 21 year bond, but market conditions remain very favorable and the bond could be retired earlier depending upon conditions when we sell. (Boistfort did this.)

This is our best and only opportunity to build a new school. There is no funding in the McCleary solution for capital projects. There is no additional money for capital projects outside of our Distressed Schools Grant and State Construction Assistance Program funds ($18 million). That money goes away entirely if we can't contribute $7 million by June 30, 2019. State Representative Richard DeBolt is on record as saying that it won't be offered again.

Voting “YES” is the least expensive solution to problems created by an aging and out-of-date Toledo High School.



Students need to learn 21st century skills and knowledge in an up-to-date 21st century building. State lawmakers recognized that, for Toledo, building a new school is the most feasible and cost-effective solution.

Challenges with the current building:

  1. Teaching STEM courses (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) in a school without functioning science labs is problematic.

  2. In an era of school shootings, THS lacks modern security - including the ability to lock down the building.

  3. Demountable walls are thin and sound carries through them from classroom to classroom making it difficult for students to concentrate.

  4. Water intrusion has likely caused mold within the structure.

  5. The ventilation and cooling system also fails to meet current code.

  6. In a region prone to earthquakes, the existing building fails to meet current seismic codes.

  7. The electrical supply is not sufficient for current needs/standards.

  8. Built before the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), the building is difficult and hazardous for the elderly or those with disabilities to use. (The Cowlitz Tribe has moved the Pow Wow this year citing injuries sustained to elders last year as a result of the stairs in the commons.)

  9. THS is the hub of the community. Most town gatherings take place there, and it is the shelter-in-place facility for the community in the event of a disaster (flood, extended power failure, earthquake, etc.). The safety of this structure is important to the whole community.

This is our best and only opportunity to build a new school (we don't have legal bonding capacity to do it on our own).

The bond only funds building a NEW Toledo High School. It does NOT fund:

  1. Remodeling the existing school and/or consolidating with another school district.

  1. A new track, field, or stadium bathrooms. Other funding is being pursued for such projects.

  1. Updates to Toledo Elementary School and Middle School.

Many of the projects included in previous bond measures have been or will be completed with current funds and grants. New boilers and caulking/repairing the siding at TES, as well as some new flooring and the roof at TMS, will be completed this summer. The water supply project for THS that was on the 2014 bond is also complete. All that remains is a new high school. There are many options as to what to do with the old high school. A decision will be made at a later date.

The offer from state lawmakers goes away entirely if we can't contribute $7 million by June 30, 2019. State Representative Richard DeBolt is on record as saying that it won't be offered again.

Citizens for Great Toledo Schools believe that voting YES in November for the new school bond is not only an incredible opportunity for the Toledo community, but the very least expensive option for everyone. Yes costs less.

Please help us raise enough money to get the word out about this incredible opportunity by donating to and sharing our gofundme campaign. Contact us at or 360-864-VOTE (8683) to lend a hand in getting the word out about this opportunity.

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A rendering of a recent project in Chehalis

This photo is a rendering from a recent project for the Chehalis School District, and shown as an example of a new school similar in size, style, and cost to what Toledo could construct as a new high school.